The Kamla yantra, the goddess of fulfillment, provider of life's riches, by Sarah Tomlinson.  
Certified at The Yoga Zone (Yoga Works) and trained in specialized therapeutic and Ayurveda yoga, Tess has taught everyone from retirees to CEOs to pregnant women to Hollywood starlets and artists in her classes in yoga studios, the Hamptons and homes throughout Manhattan.
The Yantra Kamla, the Goddess of Fulfillment
painted by Sarah Tomlinson

Tess expresses her love of fashion by dressing well-known yogis for workshops and photo shoots, and providing wardrobe makeovers. Her teaching blends the gifts of yoga, meditation, pranayama, literature, Ayurveda and painting.   
Tess studied First Degree Reiki Initiation with Reiki Master Pamela Miles. 

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